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Helping You Protect Your Home Investment

Now that you are using your brand-new, stunning pool, you’ll need someone to keep it clean, maintained, and running smoothly. At Legacy Pools & Spas, we’re your partner for all things pool-related. One of our pool cleaners can stop by for regularly scheduled skimming, and we’re always available to help out if your equipment breaks or needs replacement.

Pool Maintenance

Even if you regularly skim, vacuum, and cycle your pool, you’ll need an expert to take care of regular mechanical maintenance. We can take a look at your pool’s internal systems, like the heaters, filters, and lights, and keep them in top working order. We're also here to test your pool's chemical levels and pH, ensuring that your pool is safe for your family and guests at all times.

Pool Cleaning

Your pool won’t stay clean forever! Bugs, leaves, and debris will always find their way into the water. Our pool cleaners can stop by to skim the surface and check chlorine levels to ensure that your water always stays crystal clear. We know you’re busy, so simply let us know what schedule works best for you, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Reach out to our pool cleaning company today.

We Do Pool & Spa Inspections!

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Here at Legacy Pools & Spas, we want you to enjoy your time in your swimming pool to the fullest extent. And this includes making sure you adhere to all swimming pool safety regulations. Current regulations in South Carolina are relatively clear and straightforward to understand. They are set forth to ensure the safety of anyone that uses your pool for recreation.

It’s entirely possible that local inspectors may come to inspect your pool to ensure all regulations are being followed. Following all regulations on day one will prevent delays in enjoying time in your pool. Current South Carolina regulations state that pool owners must have the following:

Certain local municipalities may have additional regulations in place regarding your swimming pool construction use. Check with your local government officials to ensure you are abiding by local laws when constructing or operating a swimming pool on your property. Call us at (864) 252-4078 for a pool inspection to ensure your swimming pool is safe for everyone. Remember . . . safety first!

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